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This is our standard menu - but for you, because you have needs, wants, desires - we'll change it if you want - it's your big day, it should reflect you

Buffalo Burgers – all served on a toasted brioche bun - quarter-pounder - 100% British Buffalo


The Italian Job – On a bed of Rocket, melted Mozzarella, tomato and basil


Bacon, Not Stirred –on Lettuce, tomato, coleslaw, with melted cheddar over bacon


Red Rag to a Bull – On lettuce, caramelised red onion, drizzled with a HOT chilli sauce

The Buffalo Soldier - any of the above as a half-pounder

Little Buff - a Buffalo Burger only (for little people who don’t like the extra stuff they should)


Bacon roll like no other:

Bacon, wrapped in a melted cheese patty, with raw red onion – Ideal for carriages!


Meat N’ Cheese Feast… Wild Boar Sausage, Halloumi and bacon skewer


Vegetarian and vegan options


Roccaloumi - Halloumi, on a bed of rocket, either Mango chutney or drizzled with Sweet Chilli Sauce, on a toasted Brioche bun


Vegan – plant based burger – choice of salad or bun

Buffalo Wings - Not made from Buffalo
Scampi - Made from Scampi

All the normal sauces you would expect... but why not try one of our Sauce-shots

Smokey Bourbon BBQ

A smokey American style barbecue sauce

Ranch& Chimichurri
Combination of Ranch (buttermilk, garlic and herbs) with Chimichurri (Mild chilli, parsley garlic and chives)

Blue Cheese -  Cheese, thats blue!
Hollandaise   - A classic sauce with butter and lemon flavour

Buffalo & Ranch Classic - Combination of Buffalo sauce (very hot, made with habanero and cayenne pepper and Ranch (buttermilk, garlic and herbs)

Jerk - Carribean, made with Tomatoes and medium chilli


Espresso Macchiata
Latte Macchiato
Café Choco
Hot Chocolate

A range of teas


Range of soft drinks



Any alcoholic drinks that you wish us to bring for your event

A note about our packaging:

All our boxes are bio-degradable - Made from recycled, waste sugarcane. Our scoop cartons are bio-degradable, made from recycled paperboard.

When plates are requested, we use bio-degradable palm leaf

Where cutlery is requested, we use bio-degradable, highly sustainable betula wood

Special dietary requirements - We can cater for any particular requirements, upon request

If you have any concerns about allergens, please ask


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